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We aim to provide essential, quality products that will enhance people's lives.

Our range of Water Filters and Ionizers improve both the quality, taste and life giving properties of water.

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Water Ionizers

Our bodies are 70% water so it makes good sense to drink the best quality water possible, to maintain our health and wellbeing.

Ionized, alkalyzed, anti-oxidant water is the optimum type of water, superior to tap, filtered, bottled, spring, rain, bore, or reverse osmosis water.


It assists in

*Alkalyzing your body and eliminating excess acidity

*Reducing free radicals and increasing anti-oxidants

*Improving mineral uptake and cell hydration

*Removing contaminants and increasing detoxification

... and it tastes delicious!


Proven Technology Water Ionizers are not just another gimmick. They are used extensively in the USA, Japan, Korea, China and many other Asian countries, at home, workplaces and even hospitals.


Water ionizers run water over positive and negative electrodes in a process known as electrolysis.

The electrodes ionize the water into negative ions and positive ions, creating both alkaline and acidic water. You can easily select which type you want from the ionizer menu.

Alkaline water is ideal for drinking, cleaning vegetables, cooking and promoting health. Acidic water is a natural cleanser and has strong disinfecting properties and can be used for eco-friendly cleaning around the house. Also a skin astringent and cleanser for cuts, fungus and acne.


Before Ionization, water molecules typically cluster in groups of 11 to 16 molecules but after ionization, micro clusters of 5 to 6 molecules are produced. They are able to enter body cells and tissues much easier and faster, hydrating the body better and deeper.


A great range of Ionizers, Alkalyzers and Filters

All prices include GST. Ionizers marked * include delivery within NZ. Installation additional.



Homay Chi Ionizer

This is a great value Ionizer and Alkalyzer. Bench top and semi portable. Simple push button operation. 4 programmable Alkali / Acid levels. Easy to hook up - no installer required.

5 plate, 150 Watt (low power) fully computerized and self-cleaning.

Carbon/Kdf media for public water supplies to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants. Lasts 4000Lts or approx 12months.

Complete Kit: The set comes with pH tester solution, colour chart, tubing, tap connector kit, built in filter, and detailed instruction manual. 1 year warranty. NZ$890.00 *




Homay Luxury

This Ionizer features an under-sink Ionizing unit and an elegant tap with simple push button operation. Takes up very little room on or under the bench. Durable construction.

Offers a pH range of 3.5 to 10. Produces Alkaline water, Acidic water or Purified at the touch of a button.

Automatically monitors ionization process, filters and water flow.

Auto self cleaning cycle. Uses just 130W of power with auto sleep function.

Large capacity filter lasts 10,000lts or 2 years and removes chlorine, heavy metals and contaminants.

Undersink unit and tap kit NZ$1590.00 *






EOS Platinum Turbo Ionizer

Top of the range professional quality. Perfect for the Home or Health and Medical clinics. 9 plate 350w ionizing power - pH range alkaline 11.5 to 2.5 acidic for best alkalyzing water or acidic water cleaning / sterilyzing. Auto cleaning with filter life countdown and accurate water flow meter. Easy to use menu with voice prompts enables you to select 76 different levels or select neutral purified water only.

The dual filtration system offers 16 stages of filtration, including an ion resin exchange level for help in removal of fluoride. Filter1life - 4000L Filter2 - 8000L. Pure coral calcium from Australia puts just the right amount of minerals into your water to enhance ionization plus ceramic balls, activated carbon, antibacterial felt, and sediment filters to thoroughly clean and revitalize your water before it is even ionized.

EOS filters are sulphite free and medical grade.

3 year warranty. Made in Korea NZ$2490.00 *




Alka Jug

Turns ordinary water into purified alkaline water with antioxidants.

Produces 1.8 Litres of great tasting water at a time.

Filter materials: Active carbon, Ion Exchange resin, negative potential particles. Has an electronic cartridge life indicator.

Cartridge life: 300 Litres

Available in Blue, White or Yellow

was NZ$99.00 Now $NZ68.50


2 for $125.00 Save on freight






Replacement Catridges

Available in 3 colours. Single Cartridge

Now $NZ15.50


Twin Pack $NZ29.00







Waterman Portable

Now you can have pure alkaline water anywhere you go.

Ideal for Work, Travelling, the Big OE and Camping.

Removes harmful chemicals like insecticides and eliminates

bacteria, E.Coli., S.Aurene etc.

The Silver Carbon, Bio Ceramic, Mineralizing, Alkalyzing filter

produces 600ml of clean, tasty water in minutes.

Replace filter cartridge after 6 months or 400Litres

Compact size and lightweight. BPA Free.

Waterman incl cartrdge NZ$77.00

Replacement cartridge NZ$36.00

2 Cartridges NZ$65.00