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Life Saver Water Filters


For Camping Emergencies Survival


The LIFESAVER bottle is the world’s first water filter bottle to remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without the aid of any foul tasting chemicals like iodine or chlorine or the need for any power or UV light.

LIFESAVER water filter technology filters down to 15 nanometeres, (0.015 microns) This is the world’s first and only portable technology that is patented worldwide, to filter down to this level.

With the smallest virus known being Polio at 25

nanometres, you are safe in the knowledge that LIFESAVER filters all bacteria, viruses, cysts and all waterborne pathogens from your water.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Standard issue by the British Army


Bottles - 4000Ltrs $349

6000Ltrs $399


or high capacity Jerrycans

10,000Ltrs $499

20,000Ltrs $595