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About the Company


Renascence Technologies Ltd was formed in 2007 when an opportunity arose to introduce to New Zealand and Australia, an International brand, high performance skin repair and rejuvenation product range. Excellent results in clinical trials for scaring, burns and acne in both countries, led to the product range being established in many major clinics. Several patients were also sponsored.

In 2012 the decision was made to let go of the skin treatment distributorship, in order to concentrate on growing it’s Water Ionisation product range, as well as focus more fully on Product Development.

In keeping with its core Philosophy of, “Striving to improve the lives of others”, the Company is currently supplying Eco-friendly, High Efficiency, Multi-function LED Lights to assist especially with Emergency situations.

It is currently developing other new products with the aim of improving the safety of those engaged in outdoor recreation and pursuits.

Renascence Technologies Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated company.



About the Directors:


In 2011 the Directors, Ross Julian and Brenda Lockie, merged their respective Companies under one umbrella, being Renascence Technologies Limited, in order to maximise their accumulative expertise and Business Experience.

They bring to the Company backgrounds in Health; Technology; Research; Graphic Design, Marketing and Business as well as both National and International experience.

Both Ross and Brenda share their passion of bringing life improving “essential products” to the market. They believe in conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner and all product and manufacturing practices are thoroughly researched before product is taken to market.



Our Philosophy:


We aim to provide access to essential, quality products that will improve people’s lives and individual circumstances.


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