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Alka Jug


Turns ordinary water into purified alkaline water with antioxidants.

Produces 1.8 Litres of great tasting water at a time.

Filter materials: Active carbon, Ion Exchange resin, negative potential particles. Has an electronic cartridge life indicator.

Cartridge life: 300 Litres

Available in Blue, White or Yellow


was NZ$99.00 Now $NZ68.50

or 2 for $125.00 Save on freight




Replacement Catridges

Available in 3 colours. Single Cartridge


Now $NZ15.50

Twin Pack $NZ29.00








Waterman Portable

Now you can have pure alkaline water anywhere you go.

Ideal for Work, Travelling, the Big OE and Camping.

Removes harmful chemicals like insecticides and eliminates

bacteria, E.Coli., S.Aurene etc.

The Silver Carbon, Bio Ceramic, Mineralizing, Alkalyzing filter

produces 600ml of clean, tasty water in minutes.

Replace filter cartridge after 6 months or 400Litres

Compact size and lightweight. BPA Free.


Waterman incl cartrdge NZ$77.00

Replacement cartridge NZ$36.00

2 Cartridges NZ$65.00