LED Bulbs

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Essential Things

Introducing the new Multi-Function LED Emergency bulb

with on-board rechargable Lithium battery and Remote Control


Lighting technology changed dramatically with the introduction of Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and more recently, with high efficiency LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lamps.

Both types are much cheaper to run than conventional filament bulbs but the one thing they all have in common is - they go out when the power goes off, leaving you in the dark - again!

But not any more.




A drop in replacement bulb for standard screw (E27) and bayonet (B22) fittings.

No wiring or installation required.

Up to 80% power savings over standard incandescent bulbs.


AC Remote control settings - On / Off, 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% brightness


When the power goes out, just use the remote to turn the bulb back on.

Will run on internal Lithium battery for approx 3hrs at 100% brightness.

Up to 12 hrs on 25% setting.


Torch Mode - Unscrew LED Bulb from light socket and pull out handle.

Twist to lock into place. Slide switch to DC position. Will provide full brightness

for up to 5 hrs. Alternatively Slide switch to AC position for full remote control.

You now have a remote control torch with up to 12 hrs light on 25% setting.

Great for those extended blackouts.


Other features -


40,000 Hr lifetime with 2 year warranty


Safe - No glass to break


Contains no gas or mercury


No heat build up



Specs -


4 Watt Cool White

200 - 360 Lumens

1200 Beam angle

Approx 500 Recharge cycles

Provides good light coverage for approx 150sq ft or 14sq Mtrs.


Ideal for places where you need to have light during blackouts -

Entrances and exits, passageways, bathrooms and stairways.





Comes with Remote and full instructions - NZ$45.00 incl GST











Using your Multi-function LED Bulb


Before fitting LED bulb into any standard 240V bayonet or screw type socket, set switch on the side of bulb to “AC” position. Turn on light switch and use as a normal bulb. Note: when the 240V light switch is on, the on-board lithium battery will charge up automatically. When fully charged the red indicator light on the side of bulb will turn green. Approximate charging time 4 – 6 hrs.


Using Remote Control unit: 1st time use – carefully pull out plastic safety tab from battery tray. When the bulb is turned on it will always default to full brightness. Adjust brightness by pointing the Remote’s IR led towards bulb and pressing any of the 4 power setting buttons or press off / on. Remote Battery Replacement: Use AG10, LR54 or LR1130 x2 (Check polarity symbols in remote battery tray when replacing)


Power cuts / Blackouts: Use remote unit as normal to control bulb. The internal lithium battery provides power for 3 hours at full brightness or up to 12 hours at 25% brightness. Note: to ensure a long battery service life, the battery protector chip will turn light off automatically before battery voltage goes too low.


Emergency Use / Handheld Torch mode: Remove from light socket and pull out extendable handle. Twist to lock in place. Push bulb switch to “DC” position. Approximately 5 - 6 hours at full brightness in “DC” mode. To extend battery life or dim bulb, switch to “AC” position and use Remote.


Storing Bulb: Slide bulb switch to “OFF” position when storing. If stored or unused after 2 months, fit it in a 240V bulb socket and turn on until charge light turns green.


Safety: The LED bulb is ultra strong. Do not shine directly into eyes. (Children should be under adult guidance) Do not take the product apart. The distributer will not assume responsibility for any consequences or damage. Recycle at authorized electronic recycling centres only.


Although the bulb can be used outdoors, it is not 100% waterproof. Do not use outside in the rain.