Reverse Osmosis System

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Essential Things



With 3.6 gallon R.O. tank connected with a filter tap and a Remineralizing Alkaliine water cartridge connected to filter tap.


Effective removal of fluoride, arsenic and other toxic contaminants.

Fluoride removal approx 98 - 99%.


This system can be combined with other electrolytic Water ionizers.

e.g. KYK 25000, EOS Platinum, EOS Revelation II, Homay Chi.


The Bio Remineraliser counters any potential health issues due to lack of minerals. It re-mineralises the water, introduces a range of different Bio-minerals and trace elements sourced from natural Maifanshi rock. It raises the pH to pH 7-7.5 (depending on the source water).


The complete RO Filter set comes with a modern goose neck filter tap, and all parts complete supplied for permanent under bench installation


Prices incl Freight and gst, NZ$649.00 plus installation.





Five stage filtration:

1. Sediment Filter Cartridge 5 micron (NLF-PP)

2. Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge (NLF-AC)

3. Carbon Block prefilter 10 micron (NLF-CB)

4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane

5. Post Granular inline cartridge (AJ-C2)

plus Remineralizer cartridge.



Tank: 3.6 Gallon [16.2 Ltr] Tank size: H 400mm Diameter 280mm

Max Temperature: 45oC

Automatic water production shutoff when RO tank is full.

Filter/RO Assembly: H 500mm W 400mm D 160 mm deep

Features and Benefits: Cartridge connects directly to the unit with a simple 1/4 turn.

Cartridges have a double O ring, so they will not leak.

Installation: Filter tap hole size: to drill diameter 12mm.



Replacement cartridges:


1.Sediment Filter Cartridge 5 micron (NLF-PP) approx $ 35.- (1year – 4 person household)*

2.Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge (NLF-AC) Coconut cartridge: approx $60.- (1 Year - 4 person household)*

3.Carbon Block prefilter 10 micron (NLF-CB) approx $65.- (1 Year - 4 person household)*

4.Reverse Osmosis Membrane #30-AE : approx $170.- (every 3 years for 4 person household)*

5.Post Granular inline cartridge (AIC2) $ approx $45.- (1 Year - 4 person household)*

* dependent on how much water is consumed and how good/bad the source water is.


Save $$ on filter replacement sets:

#RO-F5: 1/2/3/4/5 Complete set 1/2/3/4/5: $349.-

#RO-F4-: 1/2/3/5 Set replacement filters only: $185

Incl gst, plus freight


Replacement for Bio Remineralizer cartridge: approx 12-18months for 4 person household

Cartridge replacement : $95.- incl gst, plus freight






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